One couple per day [Cooking chairperson premier course] All you can drink at 10,000 yen + 2000 yen

10000 yen

  • 7items
  • 240persons
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until 3 days before 17 of the desired date

We stuck to high-quality ingredients such as this tuna, rice fray, Kuroge Wagyu sirloin, abalone, Ise shrimp, crab crab and so on.It will be limited to one pair per day.

Course menu

※ The contents will be changed by seasonal ingredients.

Please contact us if there is hope

Course an example

* There are fluctuations depending on the season and purchase situation.Please note.

■ Gorgeous! Sashimi Assortment

(One case)

· Toro inside this tuna

- Abalone

· Fishing mackerel

· Natural akou

· Hagi

· Prawn shrimp

· Natural Sawara

* We will serve for more than 6 people on a boat!

■ Assorted Appetizer

(One case)

· Seasonal vegetables greeting

- Duck roast

· Vinegared miso with firefly squid

· Grilled large clam sauce

· Kuroge Wagyu beef's sea urchin

· Vinegared food of raw jellyfish

Cooking chair recommended item

(One case)

Braised strawberries with radish

■ fish cuisine

(One case)

· Salt grilled seaweed

■ meat dishes

· Kuroge Wagyu beef sirloin steak

■ Great dish! Ebata pot rice

■ homemade desserts

2018/04/17 update